* First B-727 ever built – Its final flight

Final flight of the 1st B-727 ever built in the early 1960’s. It was delivered to United Airlines.  It was rebuilt by UAL volunteers and made its final flight from Paine Field, north of SEA to Boeing Field and the “Museum of Flight”..  21 minute video.

* The U-2 Spy Plane Still Flying Combat Missions 60 Years After Its Launch – The Wall Street Journal

Thanks to Phil Guthrie for forwarding this great video and article. Still amazing after 60 years.

*  Sunday’s (6-3-18) B-52 move to Boeing Field from Paine Field (Great photos)

*  From Randy Larsen, Col. USAF, Ret.

Amazing painter

*  Farewell to United Airlines 747 after 40+ years of service

*  Inside Look at Flight Operations on Supercarrier USS Gerald R. Ford CVN-78 – Commissioned July 2017

Chicken Fulfills Dream Of Flying

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, a chicken steps into the cockpit of a glider and sores into the sky. The chicken is seen calmly looking around at all the scenery as the plane fly’s over green mountains and rolling hills… the plane lands and the chicken casually exits the plane… just another day on the farm!

Watch as this chicken fulfills her dream of flying

Fascinating Photos

* Video of  Fifi – only  B-29 still flying – Landing at Oshkosh a few days ago + Gen. Paul Tibbet’s photo

Great video of FiFi landing at Oshkosh a few days ago……The only B-29 still flying sponsored by the Commemorative Air Force.  (Used to be the Confederate Air Force, not politically correct now)

Below the link is a photo I took in Sept. 1981,when I was honored to ride in the nose position on FiFi, (you can see that nose position on the video) at the Confederate Air Force mock bombing run at the Harlingen, Texas annual air show. General Paul Tibbets Jr., Commander of the Enola Gay,  was at the controls (the photo on the left).  You can see his name tag.

One of the highlights of my career in the airline industry.

Howard Putnam

General Paul Tibbets Jr., Commander of the Enola Gay

* Gold Star Moms Share The True  Meaning of Memorial Day

God Bless America and God Bless all of you who have served and those who died serving our country.


Gold Star Moms Share The True Meaning of Memorial Day

What is the REAL meaning for Memorial Day? Every Memorial Day we get a long weekend, spend time with friends and family, BBQ’s and take boat rides, but forget so often what this day is REALLY for. On Memorial Day, we need to remember and give thanks to all the men and women in the military who have sacrificed and lost their lives to protect us. It is truly because of them that we can even have lives to celebrate!

Blogger and mom, Lyette Reback, has a special place in her heart for the sacrifice people make for our freedoms. She has gone so far as to organize and host a “Not For Nuthin” dinner where Gold Star Moms, women who lost their children in active duty, are paired with civilian moms. It’s a time of remembrance and a time where civilian moms can see just how much some people sacrifice for our country. Take time to remember and listen to these two very special women who have lost their children. Help us help people remember the TRUE meaning of Memorial Day!

If you like today’s video please share it with your family and friends.

Thanks for watching and sharing the videos!


* SpeakingEagles: Video 1 min. 20 sec. B-247, oldest flyable Boeing airplane makes final flight in SEA 4-26-16

* FedEx Flight 705 – 1994  Memphis-San Jose Heroic Fed Ex Crew Saves the Day from Hijacker

I remember this incident, but had never seen this “amazing” and “frightening”  video.

It is a finger nail biter……..

Howard Putnam

Watch the video first…………Then read the below link on Wikipedia

* First Boeing 727 ever built in 1963, and later delivered to UAL,  N7001U, is now safely parked at the Museum of Flight at Boeing Field in SEA

It was a great day in SEA on March 2, 2016.

Thanks to Dave Kidney, retired UAL sales executive, (in the first photo below with the first 727) who spent many hours behind the scenes working on this event and to Alan Wayne, retired UAL PR and Government Relations executive for sending the below photos.

In the 2nd photo, the Lady on the Left is Iris Peterson, born in 1922, now age 94.  She was a UAL flight attendant for 60 years.  She retired at age 85.  As you might have guessed, she was #1 in seniority…….   🙂

Hundreds of current and former UAL pilots, flight attendants and employees showed up to express their appreciation for the first B-727.   It took over 5 years for volunteers to rebuild the airplane so it could fly for 12 minutes to Boeing Field. A big moment in commercial aviation history.


KingTV SEA –  2 minutes on the final B-727 flight.

Excellent time-lapse photography of the latest Boeing 787 – 9

Note the use of an air transport to bring in sub-assemblies for the main product.

Building the 787-9 Dreamliner

* Southwest Flight Attendant and her “very funny” pre-flight safety announcement

This is one of the best!

* B-727, first ever built and delivered to UAL in 1963, being re engined, re painted for Museum of Flight – Seattle

The Real Story of Tom Cruise, Buzzing the Tower in “Top Gun” 1986

God Bless The USA – The Texas Tenors for Veterans Day

This has been around before, but so beautiful and patriotic. I was traveling on Veterans Day to speak the following day and no
chance to send then.

But after the events in Paris, I needed to hear it again.

The photo below is at least ten years old, about 2004-2005. I  was on a program with Lee Greenwood in DC, who wrote God Bless  The USA in 1992.

He was to go on stage ahead of me and sing God Bless The USA, with the instrumental on a CD. Something was wrong with the  CD, so I suggested to him (back stage) let me go on ahead of you and speak and the A / V folks and you will have time to figure it out.

That worked. He was very grateful and friendly and afterwards we had a cup of coffee and the photo.

God Bless America and THANK YOU veterans for your service.


* Reno Air Races 1965, the 2nd year

This is rare footage of the Reno Air Races in their 2nd year, 1965.  The races were held at Sky Ranch, north of Reno, Nevada, on the Pyramid Highway, on a dirt runway.  The area is now called Spanish Springs.

The first race in 1964, was cross country from Florida to Reno.  The founder of the races was a rancher and pilot, Bill Stead.

The Reno National Championship Air Races moved to Stead Airport in 1966 after the airport was de militarized and opened to civilian aviation.  Stead Airport was not named for Bill Stead.  It was named for his brother, Croston Stead, who was killed in  the Reno area during  WW II flying for the National Guard.  Bill Stead died in the crash of a midget racer in Florida in 1966.

Interesting to watch the legendary Bob Hoover perform in the P-51.  He is well dressed, with a tie on. The 2015 Races were just completed on Sept. 20, 2015.  You can view Bill Stead at the 8 minute 50 second mark.  Bob Hoover and the Unlimited Racers start at 15.00 .

Reno air Races – Rare 1965 Sky Ranch Documentary
Published on Mar 2, 2014

* David Hart and Team Fastrax Professional Skydiving Team from Middletown, Ohio –  Commemorative American Flag jumps on 9/11/2008 and 9/11/2011

9/11/08 Tribute Flag Jump Over Ground Zero NYC:

9/11/11 Tribute Flag Jump:

* From Col. Joe Kittinger –  Amazing video of Felix Baumgartner’s free fall in 2012 from 128,000 feet

In 1960 Joe Kittinger set the world’s record for the highest altitude jump and free fall.  52 years later he was the capsule communicator to direct Felix Baumgartner’s record jump from 128,000 feet in 2012, over New Mexico, breaking Joe’s record.

Millions of us watched it on the internet.

Following Joe’s bio,  watch the breath taking video below and Joe’s commentary as he guides Felix coming down. I had not seen this video before…….It is amazing.

Joe was also a Grand Marshal here at the Reno Air Races about ten years ago.  Great American.

* Flying a P 51 MUSTANG (3 VIDEOS) from the cockpit

* The next Generation:  Is it a plane . . . or a car?

The video is an animation.  It was shown at Oshkosh, July 2015. The company is  Terrafugia.  “Terrafugia”, according to their web site, is Latin meaning “Escape the earth”  and / or “We’re driven to fly.”  (sounds like a play on words – driven to fly)

At is more information, if you’re interested.

* Stewardesses- Flying back to the good old days!

For those who remember “Stewardesses” and many airlines that are gone, i.e.  Braniff, PSA, Mohawk, Piedmont, Eastern, TWA, Air West, BEA, etc., you will enjoy this.  It also has upbeat music.

After the first  3-4 minute video, there are 4 more to follow of same length if you are interested.

* Two Red Bull pilots fly through hanger in formation

* 2014 Budapest Airshow – Amazing aviation acts and views of the city>

* 49 plane flyover Arrowhead Stadium, Kansas City, MO.  May be largest flyover ever.

* 1917 Red Baron Film Footage on the infamous Red Baron, Manfred Von Richthofen

* In The Cockpit with Aerobatic Champion Pilot Svetlana Kapanina. From live TV broadcast over the Olympic Stadium in Sochi

This is a great video…..from inside the cockpit…..She is enduring the G forces with a smile.  Watch her hair move up and down.  And she moves the stick with two hands at times. Also, notice when she pushes the mic button on the top of the stick to communicate.

* Wingman celebrates birthday in EXTRA 300

An inspirational video by Speaking Eagle and former fighter pilot Rob “Waldo” Waldman, the “Wingman.”  Filmed on his birthday, it’s about discovering a  passion in life and what makes us feel alive.

* National Museum of the U.S. Air Force shows virtual cockpit tours


Speaking Eagle Lee Ellis recommended this video and said, “The photography is HD, the planes are gorgeous, and, most notably, it is shot as the B17 takes off from Falcon Field in Mesa, AZ and then flies over the Superstition Mountains to the east of Apache Junction, and then on to Roosevelt & Canyon lakes on the east edge of the Phoenix valley. The backdrops are stunning. Music is from the mini series John Adams. Great combo.”

* From Speaking Eagle Captain Denny Flanagan who received this from a customer who appreciates the skills of aviators

* Brig. Gen. Steve Ritchie Speaks on the Rescue of Roger Locher

* Student Survives Plane Crash

On June 2, 2012, Hayley Brown was a senior high school student volunteering in México helping the poor to receive free medical care. The plane in which they were riding hit power lines, and although the pilot died three passengers (Liam Guzman and Julia Tower) survived.

* A Day in the Life of a Fighter Pilot

Filmed at Kadena AB , Okinawa

* Tribute to Speaking Eagle Bill Johnson, First Executive VP of National Speakers Association

*Blue Angels in Florida, California

* World’s Largest Plane Visits Niagara Falls

* View the Virtual Wall for the Vietnam Veterans Memorial

* USBA Memorial Day Remembrance

* Lt. Col Nicole Malachowski’s message to the WASP

Lt. Col Nicole “Fifi” Malachowski speaks to the WASP at the Women’s Memorial, March 9, 2010.

*ATC Posts Their Best

* Award-Winning Jet Fighter Video

* Edwards Air Force Base Displays Amazing Aircraft Collection

* Space Shuttle Prototype Enterprise Traveling to New Home

Photo by Laura Stack,  President of the National Speakers Association,
Shot  4-24-12 at Dulles Airport.

“This is the prototype NASA orbiter, Enterprise, waiting for the weather to clear in New York,” said Speaking Eagle Founder Howard Putnam. “It will soon be flown to JFK on Friday, then later this summer, put on a barge to its final resting place at New York’s Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum on the retired World War II aircraft carrier USS Intrepid. The Enterprise has been on display at the Smithsonian at Dulles since 2003, but was displaced last week by Discovery. The Enterprise was never flown in space but was used by the space agency for approach and landing tests in the 1970’s.”

* Large Airplane Models Fly at IMAA Airshow

* Launch Your Glider with Foot Power

* We Remember
Country music recording artist Dwayne O’Brien performed his song “We Remember” at the annual convention of the International Council of Air Shows last December in Las Vegas, Nevada.

* Gladys Ingle of the ’13 Black Cats’ Changes Planes to Fix Landing Gear in Mid-Air, 1924

* Inside the Cockpit of the Airbus 380

* U.S. National Anthem Performed by the Military Academy Choirs

A look back at the amazing performance of The Star Spangled Banner at Super Bowl XXXIX, which pitted the New England Patriots against the Philadelphia Eagles in 2005.

* Flying A Slightly Smaller Airplane

Submitted by Speaking Eagle Mike Summey:

* You Want Me To Land Where?

Click on the video of this helicopter’s tricky landing:

* Historic DC-7 that lost engine is still stuck in Charlotte

* Batman In Flight

* Virtual Museum of Aircraft

Find all the facts on every type of airplane built all across the world:

* United Airlines Fleet Through the Years

As United Airlines retires its last Boeing 737, the Chicago Tribune looks back at some of the aircraft the carrier has used from its start as the nation’s first coast-to-coast mail and passenger service.,0,5917200.photogallery

* Blue Angels Live Cockpit Footage

Posted by Jim Boking

* Top Ten Low Pass Flybys of All Time

“The first 10 seconds is a clip from the Top Gun movie when Tom Cruise’s character
does a flyby o f the control tower. The rest show actual LOW PASS FLY-BYS. Total time: 3:29.
Pay attention to the last one which is #1. It happened during a Blue Angels event over San Francisco. Many of the boats lost windows to the sonic blast. Some of these planes were probably no more than 10 feet off the ground.”

From Rick Jakle, president of Fox Valley Broadcasting Company, Inc. and a co-founder of Speaking Eagles.

* Bob Odegaard’s Tribute to Pilot Bob Hoover

Bob Odegaard Flying the Rockwell Commander Shrike 500 in a tribute to R.A. Bob Hoover. Filmed at the Fargo Airshow.

* America’s First Jet Flight, October, 1942

* Skydiver Grabs Glider

A skydiver has pulled off an astonishing stunt by climbing out of a glider’s cockpit, crawling along the wing and then somersaulting underneath and stepping onto the wing of a second glider flying below.

Read more: