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Solar Impulse flies acros the U.S.

Speaking Eagle witnesses first flight across America

Solar Impulse has taken up yet another challenge in preparation for its 2015 round-the-world flight to cross the United States, from coast to coast, this spring. Bill Johnson, who qualified for his private pilot’s license in the early ’50s and is also the original executive director of the National Speakers Association, recently had a chance to see the solar powered, fuel-free aircraft in Phoenix, AZ.

“I was fortunate to spend an hour visiting the Solar Impulse as she did her first U.S. flight from San Francisco to New York, said Johnson. ”

“The solar power drove the four electric motors with 12k solar cells on the 747 length wings. The first stop was Phoenix for two days of public viewing while charging the solar panels with the Arizona sunlight. It continued to Dallas then on to St Louis, DC and to NYC. The one man flight took 19 hours at the astounding speed of 45 MPH. Solar Impulse left SFO at sunrise and arrived at Sky Harbor at 1 a.m. the next day. The pilot was one of the Swiss builders and I was surprised to learn the aircraft has been touring in Europe and Africa since 2009.”

“I find myself reflecting on the 1938 Aeronca Champ I bought with Pat Luby and Bob Pace while at SMU. Pace and I got our40 hours for private license in the $250 investment.”

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