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Aviation Group Speaking Eagles Presents Military Heroes at NSA Convention

POW Ellis, Air Force One Commander Larsen, Supersonic Pilot Cox Speak July 15

Speaking Eagles, a group which connects professional speakers with a wide range of aviation backgrounds to those who are involved and interested in the history, current innovations, education, careers and the future of flight, will present three legends of flight in Indianapolis, IN, Sunday, July 15.

“Our initial founders range from military pilots and POWs to skydivers and commercial and private airline operators,” said Speaking Eagle founder and former Southwest Airlines CEO Howard Putnam. “We are all members of the National Speakers Association who are devoted to current events in aviation and to keeping the history alive.”

National Speakers Association member and Speaking Eagles co-founder Danny Cox, www.dannycox.com, will share a few thoughts about Frank Kurtz, a B-17 pilot and the most decorated Army Air Corps pilot in WWII. Cox spent ten years flying supersonic all-weather fighters in the USAF,  and is the author of several books, including Leadership When the Heat’s On.

NSA member Lee Ellis, Col. USAF, Ret. is the author of a newly released book, Leading With Honor – Leadership Lessons Learned from the Hanoi Hilton. In 1967 after 53 combat missions, Lee was shot down and spent more than five years as a POW. www.leadershipfreedom.com

Then NSA member Randall Larsen, Col. USAF, Ret. will discuss his final assignment as commander of America’s VIP fleet at Andrews AFB, including oversight of Air Force One. www.randalllarsen.com. Larsen is an expert in Homeland Security and chaired the WMD (Weapons of Mass Destruction) Center, which he formed with Senators Bob Graham and Jim Talent. He is the author of  Our Own Worst Enemy: Asking The Right Questions About Security To Protect You, Your Family and America.

The Speaking Eagles session is at the JW Marriott in Indianapolis beginning Sunday, July 15,  7:00 a.m.-8:45 a.m.

For more information on the NSA convention and rates to attend, please visit http://nsaconvention.org.

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